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ANZMAC 2023 Doctoral Colloquium Keynote Presentations

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Professor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele

Monday 4 December, 9:30am - 10:30am NZDT

Topic: Applying Marketing for Good

There are many scholars and practitioners who talk, think and plan.  Their work focuses on problems.  We know human health is suffering, social inequities exist, that climate is changing and more.  Why then are we still talking about problems when action is urgently needed?  Learn more about the many ways you can harness your research to help turn the tide. If we don’t act now, we are toast!

Professor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele is a social marketer and behavioural scientist. She is the Founding Director of Social Marketing @ Griffith, which is the largest university-based group of social marketers in the world. She is Founding Co-Editor of the Journal of Social Marketing, one of the worlds’ leading behaviour change journals.


She has led projects that have changed behaviours for 10,000’s of people in areas including health, the environment, and complex social issues. Sharyn has led programs that have increased healthy eating, changed adolescent attitudes to alcohol drinking, reduced food waste, increased dog’s abilities to avoid koalas, and many more.


She has published more than 245 books, book chapters and journal papers. Awards and appointments including The Philip Kotler Social Marketing Distinguished Service Award,
Australian New Zealand Marketing Academy Fellow acknowledge her innovative, high-quality practice and science and her leadership.

ANZMAC 2023 Doctoral Colloquium Discussants

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